Paper Chain of Custody Forms

How is this still a thing?

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Is it a 1 or an I? A 0 or an o?

Reduce sample ID typos and lab method mistakes

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No signal? Not a problem.

Use our app on your iPhone or Android phone, even with no internet connection

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For Sample Generators

  • Pre-populate CoCs in the office and share them with your sampling crews
  • Use our native iPhone and Android apps in the field, even without an internet connection
  • Completely free to use

For Environmental Labs

  • Receive sample shipment info as much as 1 day before samples arrive at your lab
  • With our APIs, automatically insert CoC data into your LIMS, saving you data entry time and money
  • No more transcription or analytical methods mistakes

How It Works

Field crew manager pre-populates CoC data in the office

Field sampling crews edit CoCs as needed in the field and submit them once completed

Lab receives CoC data immediately after user submits the CoC

Part of a fully electronic
end-to-end system

EnviroChain® is part of a larger effort to create a fully paperless system from end to end.

  • Sample generator completes their CoC in the field on a mobile phone
  • Data is extracted programmatically out of the EnviroChain server via API calls from the laboratory LIMS
  • Analytical results EDDs are pushed directly from the laboratory LIMS into DataConcourse® for comparison against MCLs (flagging exceedances, etc.) and table generation


Don’t get stuck behind the times.  Embrace the inevitable and help our cause to modernize the lab CoC submission and reporting process.

Get the Apps

Download the mobile app on the Apple app store or Google Play store. Use it to:

  • Complete your CoCs in the field, even without an internet connection
  • Collect natural attenuation field parameters, including Florida ADaPT
  • Take photos of your samples or coolers, and share these automatically with your lab and staff
  • Use geolocation to automatically detect your location
  • Sign your CoC digitally using your finger
  • Relinquish the CoC to a third party

Free To Use!

EnviroChain is 100% free for sample generators, no strings attached! Even if your lab doesn’t use EnviroChain, you can still use our app to generate your CoCs electronically and submit them automatically to your lab of choice. Click on the button below to register and get started.